Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In my last blog I showcased the Ocala's horse fever sculptures. Lakeland, Florida, which is well know for it's swans has a similar themed artwork based on painted swan sculptures. Swan sculptures are placed all over town and seem to be the mascot of choice. Even the city logo has a swan incorporated in it. Lake Morton and Lake Mirror are in the downtown area, and are home to hundreds of swans (real ones not the painted ones).

I have not been in Lakeland in a very long time, so when I heard about the painted swans I knew I would get there eventually. I also knew that Geocaching would be the reason I went. I knew where some of the swan were located but there were some that I discovered because there was a cache nearby.

Now this first swan is, just like the Ocala horse with the similar theme, one of my favorites. I really think the American flag is very user friendly with art. As long as it is use well.

As I said earlier Geocaching was the reason that I was in Lakeland and I was doing the power run down south of the city on Hwy 37.

There were around 100 caches in that run and I wanted to get as many as I could so I divided my swan hunting to some before and some after.

The swan dressed as a doctor was the first one of the day. As you can imagine it was in front of a hospital as it should be. The swan in the lower right I did not know about. I stopped at the Walgreen's in the background to use the restroom. When I cam out I glanced across the street and saw it. I found a couple like that and it definitely added to the fun of the hunt.

I thought the swan in the fountain was a natural fit. Definitely one of my favorites.

Now at this point I was off to do some Geocaching. Hwy 37 proved to be long and I have to say kind of boring. The main purpose of a power run of course is to just get your numbers up. Nothing special about the hides and I did all the ones on the right side of the highway on the way down and then did the same on the way back up.

I should mention that this was the first real test of the new camera I had gotten for Christmas. A Nikon D3000. I love my camera and take it with me whenever I go Geocaching because you just never know what you will see and now I could get really good pictures. I was especially glad to have it on highway 37. On the way down I came across several wild hogs that were feasting on some form of road kill. With out my new camera I never would have been able to get this picture.

I had to go through Lakeland on my way back home and even though it was soon to be dark I still had time for a couple of more swans. The Publix swan was one of the ones I knew about but I thought it was going to be somewhere else. I got lucky that it was closer to downtown. Lakeland also has another art project that is associated with butterflies. This one I added to this blog because as you can see there is a swan painted on it's wings. I was also very close to the Publix swan.

As the sun was going down one more swan beckoned me. I think that this one actually looks better as the light was fading because I needed to use the flash. Somehow I think it enhances the picture.

The day was over and to tell the truth I had barely scratched the surface of both Geocaching and the painted swans here in Lakeland. There are still many things to see and do and I will be back soon because,

More discoveries await...

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Teri said...

Hi Keith! I, too, just love these painted swans and will be traveling to Lakeland soon to visit family. Could you tell me where you found many of these swans? It seems that the art project was done a few years ago, and there are not lists as to their locations. Any that you can remember would be wonderfully helpful! Thanks!